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royal icing recipe

Royal icing recipe

gingerbread dough

Dark gingerbread dough recipe

A stronger, spicier dough and visually darker because of the use of dark molasses.

Gingerbread dough recipe

Light gingerbread dough recipe

This is a mild and sweet, light dough that is very versatile.

Creamy mushroom stroganoff

Creamy mushroom stroganoff

This smooth and indulgent dish is flooded with flavour and creaminess, perfect for a chilly autumn evening meal.

Potato and Mushroom Gratin

Creamy two potato and mushroom gratin

Craving indulgence this weekend? This gratin delivers on home comfort, simplicity and deliciousness. It’s also great for budget-busting with no meat on the menu and favouring readily-available veggies

breakfast bake

Mushroom, spinach and egg breakfast bake

Great days begin with great breakfasts – and this simple veggie breakfast bake packs a punch for an energising brekkie that will keep hunger at bay and feed the whole family.

Chicken risotto recipe

Mushroom and roasted chicken risotto recipe

Autumn calls for big, warming family dishes like this risotto. Get the fire going, and gather round this pot of goodness that’s guaranteed to stave off winter chills at least for an evening.

Sweet potato pie recipe

Mushroom, spinach, kale and sweet potato pie recipe

Packed full of energy and goodness, this guilt-free yet indulgent pie is a super-fast and super-flavourful veggie dish.

Potato Hash

Fired-up mushroom, chorizo and potato Hash